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Parts Warranty & Disclamer

All porducts sold by U.S. Seal are warranted to the consumer for one year from the date of invoice to be free from substantive defects in materials or workmanship.

     The warranty does not apply to any product that has been altered, misused, subject to excessive operating conditions, malfuntions because of foreign particles such as engine dirt or pieces of other deteriorating engine components, products used in a vehicle that has been altered for other than intended purposes.

    If a product fails to conform to this warranty, the product should be returned to the place of purchase, then send back, prepaid to U.S. Seal if U.S. Seal determines that this product fails to conform to this warranty, it will either replace the product or refund its original purchase price, at the option of U.S. Seal. Purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty shall be limited to replacement of the defective part only.  U.S. Seal Shall not be responsible for any lost profit or consequential damages of any nature alleged to have been caused by any product defect.

     This limited warranty is exclusive and is in lieu of any other implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpost or warranty of quality, whether express or implied, except the warranty of title.  All implied warranties are limited to the duration of this warranty.  The remedies set froth in this warranty are exclusive.

    The Use of any Manufacture's name Does Not imply that the parts are of that manufacturer including design or production but strictly for your reference purposes only.

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